Few of us are independently wealthy, which means that most of us entering the freelance arena are looking to make money. Here is a short, sweet list of links that can help you bring home more of the proverbial bacon. Even better—no pigs were harmed in the making of this post.

1. Silly writer, peanuts are for elephants!
Make more
from your online writing! (Added benefit: this sound advice is also funny.)

2. If you want to make a career out of it, you need a workable strategy.
I found this to be quite a helpful read. I especially like the way it breaks down the daunting prospect of embarking on a freelance career into small, actionable steps, particularly the point about allotting fifteen minutes a day to writing. While aimed at writers, this advice could apply to any type of freelancer.

3. Money, money, money, money!
You want to make some, right? Take a look at this! By the site’s own admission, some of these links are sketchy, and some clearly think you are an elephant (i.e. you will find peanuts an acceptable form of payment), but it’s still worth a look.

4. Blogging for pay.
The good news: it can be done. The flip side: if you want your blogging ventures to be truly lucrative, you have to work your derriere off. Here is some excellent advice of the non-get-rich-quick variety from someone who’s living the dream—and working her derriere off to do so.

5. Geek love.
raises some good points. I’ve taken to disabling my computer’s wireless capability and haunting local cafes. I make much more progress on my writing projects when I do this, especially since local cafes do not contain my cats. I also thought the advice about taking classes on specialized subjects (i.e. technical writing and medical writing) was solid.

How have you increased your freelance earnings? Share your tips and tools with the AWC community!