5 Reasons to Have Optimism in Today’s Job Market

By Liza Winkler, Treasurer for the Texas State AWC Student Chapter

optimismAfter graduating from college, former students many find themselves in a rut. It may seem overwhelming to begin the daunting career hunt. You could try the old cliché of taking time off to backpack through Europe… or you could do something more realistic such as putting your skills to the test and landing the job of your dreams.

Here is a breakdown of the five reasons why students should be optimistic in today’s job market:

5. Become a great storyteller – of yourself.
Find what makes you special and worthy over any other candidate out there looking for a job you want to land. Compile a list of five or so unique aspects you can bring to the table. If you aren’t able to convince yourself first, you won’t be able to convince executives to hire you for a position at their company.

4. Be proud of all of the work you produce in and out of college.
If you are assigned to a task, no matter how small, put as much effort into it as possible. This can easily prepare you for when a future boss will be critiquing your product, presentation or story. Your outward display of confidence will show commitment and dedication to any employer.

3. Take responsibility for any mistakes that may occur.
We are all human and although we try our best to apply ourselves in the most respectable way possible, sometimes we come up short. Instead of blaming the weather, the traffic or even a friend, owning up to your mistakes will show maturity and sophistication to a potential boss.

2. Employers look to fill their open positions with people who are genuine, enthusiastic, well-read on the industry and accountable for information.
If you can spend even 30 minutes a day familiarizing yourself with your ideal job’s expectations, you will already be a leg up above fellow graduates looking for a job just like you.

1. There are actually jobs out there right now in the communication field and there will be just as many or more a few years from now!
It’s easy to become discouraged after a few failed job searches or hearing about the national economy in a recession. If you put on your best interviewing outfit and don your new found outlook and passion, you will be unstoppable in the working world. Plus, positions in the communication industry are on the rise!

Good things come to those who have a positive outlook in life and the job market.

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