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Through the years, Karen Aroian has had the good fortune to work in New York and Boston with some of the country’s best writers and editors. In 2012, after eight years as an editor at Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Karen Aroian founded her own writing and editing boutique, Aroian Editorial.

Karen edits books, magazines, niche industry publications and lead-generating marketing content. As a developmental book editor, she provides fiction and nonfiction writers with in-depth literary analyses, or audits, of first-draft manuscripts and works with them on early marketing and publication strategies. Her business clients span a range of industries, including health, engineering, real estate, communications and the arts.

A granddaughter of genocide survivors, Karen travels the world with unrelenting wonder and curiosity – and honors the women in her life by living each day in gratitude and in service to others. She joined the board of Women Communicators of Austin in 2014 as VP of Student Programming and served as WCA President in 2017-18. Karen graduated with a degree in English from Connecticut College, New London.

Best Mentee Fit:

As past president, Karen took the plunge and became a WCA mentee in 2018 and a mentor in 2019. She is available once a month on a long- or short-term basis to converse with WCA students, recent graduates or peers who want to clarify career goals, balance personal and professional commitments, expand professional networks, benefit from membership in WCA, and stay accountable to goals.

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