Chief Executive Officer,

 Reesa Woolf InBug-60px-R

Reesa is a TED Talk Trainer who prepares executives and ESL Speakers for leadership. She has worked with corporate leader executives and technology & sales departments in executive development and influential leadership for 25 years. Reesa studied in-person with the father of cognitive therapy Albert Ellis, Ph.D., in his 90’s and Ram Dass after he published Be Here How.  She was also influenced by living in Austin, San Francisco, and Honolulu.

Reesa is enthusiastic about kindness, global ethnic dance, bead craftsmanship, and the extraordinary accomplishments of humans.

Best Mentee Fit:

Reesa is available for conference calls & email guidance, one-off meetings to address specific issues and short-term mentorship. She enjoys working with individuals to develop their communication skills. She is fanatical about empowering women to self-actualization.

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