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Why Banner Brunch is an Event You Don’t Want to Miss

Women Communicators of Austin is getting ready for our 42nd annual Banner Brunch and we are getting really excited. If you have never attended Banner Brunch before, here are some more details and reasons why this is one event you don’t want to miss. Banner Brunch is the time of year where WCA comes together […]

Barbara Springer

Ask a Mentor: Am I a Team Player or a Push-Over?

Written by Sandra Kleinsasser. Dear Mentors: I have a feeling that I am being taken advantage of at work. I have a hard time turning down a couple of co-workers who often ask me to pitch in on their projects. I always seem to be the last one to leave for the day, but I never […]

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Member Spotlight: Leah Levy

Written by Shelley Kilpatrick. Leah Levy is an Austin transplant originally from Ithaca, NY. She joined WCA on Jenny Magic’s recommendation to break into the industry. Since then, she has successfully created her own business…and even written a book! When did you fall in love with writing? I’ve been writing for as long as I […]

Banner Brunch Nominations

Nominate your favorite communicator! Nominations for the 2015 Banner Brunch Awards will be accepted through March 4, 2015. For categories and more information, visit the WCA Banner Brunch nomination page.

Freelance Austin

Freelance Austin meets the second Wednesday of each month to share timely information pertinent to achieving professional success.
Freelance Austin is a WCA member benefit. Go to Freelance Austin's website to register for this benefit.
Mark your calendars with upcoming meetings. Registration available at Freelance Austin website.

Top 10 reasons why you should join WCA

1. It’s an Incredible Community of Interesting Women
2. References, referrals, network
3. Career Mentorship
4. Brilliant Programs
5. Jobs Board
6. WCA Forum
7. More Brilliant Programs
8. The Barbie Award
9. You Don’t Have to Explain Yourself
10. Just Fun