Member Forum

The WCA Forum is an E-List open only to members of WCA. The forum is designed to provide a place for WCA’s almost 300 members to ask questions, request resources or referrals, and share experiences with other professional communicators.

Member subscriptions to the WCA Forum are now managed through the Member Manage portal on the website. In case you missed signing up for the forum when you updated your profile, log in to sign up.

The address for posting messages once you have subscribed is Add this address to your safe list to ensure that you receive emails. Only subscribed members are allowed to post. Non-subscriber messages will be deleted and returned to sender with an error message.

  • To subscribe, check the WCA Forum option in your member profile.
  • Manage your subscription. At the bottom of each message you send, you’ll see a link to click if you want to switch to/from digest, go on/off vacation, or change your email address.
  • Archived forum posts. You can access a searchable archive of all forum posts by logging in here with wcaforum/wcaforum for user name and password. Posts take about an hour to become searchable.
  • To unsubscribesend an email to the list administrator.
  • If you have a specific question about the forum, contact the list owner.

How You Should Use WCA Forum:

  1. Ask and answer questions As a member, you may use the forum to ask the membership questions, seek advice on communications matters, look for professionals in specific industries, etc.
  2. Inform, provide tips – Share your experiences of working with clients in certain industries or on specific projects. Help other members with tips and advice.
  3. Share job opportunities – If you know of high-quality, communications-related openings, you can share them with the group. If you are an employer with a job opening, please submit these to the WCA job bank and freelance projects to Freelance Austin’s project bank.
  4. Share events – Post details for events that you think will be of interest to WCA members. Invite them to attend or participate with you.
  5. Off-topic messages – The forum is not limited to communications topics; WCA members enjoy using it as a resource in life, too. So, feel free to share a message about a trusted helper or favorite fix-it person. Note: Post off-topic messages with the subject header OT: so that members can set a rule to have those messages go to another folder if they don’t want to read them. For example:“OT: Need an electrician in North Austin”

What the WCA Forum is NOT for:

  • Sell your services – The listserv is not meant to be used for solicitation purposes, nor do we want our members to feel spammed. Content should be for the benefit of the group.
  • Spam – Be cognizant of how often you are sending out emails to the listserv. Ask yourself: “Will this information be useful to other WCA members?” If not, don’t send it.
  • Express political and religious beliefs – The forum is intended to uplift and support our members and is not a place for debates. Please honor this request in your postings.

A few final points to remember:

  • You may promote your own events. However, avoid repeated postings of the same information. For instance, if you have planned a conference outside of WCA, you can share a link and invite members. (This is especially nice if you offer a discount code to WCA members.) You are also welcome to invite people to non-communications events, such as your chorale recital or neighborhood garage sale. Keep in mind that content should be for the benefit of the group.
  • Forum messages go to all subscribers. If you hit ‘reply’ on a message, it will go to the entire forum. Take a moment before you hit ‘send’ to ensure that’s what you intend to do. The message sender’s e-mail address is included at the top of the message so you know how to contact the message sender directly if that’s more appropriate.