Communications Specialist & Realtor

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Jan Gunter is an ENFJ (for those familiar with Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) and is passionate about connecting with others. With a work ethic developed in the family beekeeping business, she values networking and collaboration plus using the resources at hand to accomplish next steps. Her experience includes nonprofit web development and management, public relations, community and corporate relations, project management, marketing, social media, fundraising, digital communications, and now real estate.

After raising her children, she re-entered the workforce, where she evolved into a nonprofit communications professional. She enjoys mentoring interns and being part of strong women-led teams in her work environments.

Best Mentee Fit:

Jan is available to explore possibilities with students, recent graduates, or women at any stage of their career who may be looking for “more.” Having arrived at her career indirectly, she is happy to share those experiences to help others find a more direct path. Someone looking to meet a few times face-to-face with some email and phone follow-up would be a good fit.

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