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Kirsten Longnecker is the VP of Communications & Content for Kasasa. Yes, she has to spell virtually every proper noun in the previous sentence every time she says them. She oversees client communications, B2B marketing, PR, social media, events, and content strategy for one of Austin’s Top 3 Best Places to Work, managing a small but badass team.

From an internship on the Hallmark Cards writing staff she moved to marketing copywriting, then editing and managing a large stable of contract writers, then content strategy. She has worked at startups, large public corporations, and for herself.

What brings her joy is helping people see and seek the best in themselves, especially when that means helping new-to-management or want-to-be managers develop the soft skills and structures that make the best people leaders. If you’re struggling to establish your confidence as a manager, she’s here to help. If you’re doing great on the people-skill part but the instrumentation of things like hiring, professionally developing your team, letting people go, conducting one-on-ones, etc., escape you, she’s got you. If you have a direct report who frustrates the heck out of you (which is probably a good sign!), she can give you field-tested tips. If you need diplomacy and communications boosters, let’s do it.

Best Mentee Fit:

Ours will be a productive relationship for you if you are wanting to make the transition from individual contributor to management, but you have not yet formally supervised anyone. Or if you are a relatively new people leader, but you feel in over your head, either because you realize that the soft skills or the organizational skills are nuanced and hard to navigate.

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