Chief Operating Officer,
The American Genius

 Lani Rosales InBug-60px-R

Lani Rosales is the COO of The American Genius (news network for entrepreneurs + SMBs), Co-Founder of the Big Ass Social Happy Hour (monthly networking event), and Founder of ADJ (Austin Digital Jobs – wild, massive Facebook Group).

Lani has 15+ years experience in marketing communication, media relations, social media, community outreach, entreprenuership, and finding the perfect meme.

She is most interested in long-term mentorship, but happy to help others as well with questions regarding anything entrepreneurial or career related!

Best Mentee Fit:

Lani is most suited for long-term mentorships. She is LGBTQIA+ friendly and POC friendly. Lani is looking for individuals who are kind, aren’t adverse to a few curse words, think creatively, and understand that she’s not a therapist (per Lani “because I already need like 12, so I can’t fix your life but I can walk with you on this journey that is your wonderful career!”)

Lanie believes career level matters less than willingness to be receptive and accountable. Humor is a big bonus and takes the pressure off both sides of the mentor/mentee relationship.

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