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Margaret Barry

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Margaret is an award-winning marketing strategist whose entire career has been in marketing for nonprofit organizations. Before moving to Austin, Margaret led marketing strategy and implementation for five top business schools, including the Wharton School, New York University’s Stern School of Business, Columbia Business School and the University of Notre Dame’s Mendoza College of Business. Margaret loves writing, travel and filmmaking. A documentary film she produced and directed premiered the Tallgrass Film Festival in the festival’s “Extraordinary Feauturette” competition.

Margaret has traveled to 31 countries and is known for staying in some unusual places — a convent in Jerusalem, a Bedoin tent in Jordan’s Wadi Rum desert, for example. Margaret is as passionate about work as she is about writing, traveling and filmmaking. Margaret enjoys creating highly engaging and original content, especially video, Margaret invites you to see one of her videos here.

Best Mentee Fit:

Margaret is passionate about mentoring. She would be more than happy to help students and professional communicators alike explore ideas and gain perspective and insight on career and life goals. She also would be happy to help job seekers tap into her extensive network of professional contacts. Margaret would be most helpful in face-to-face meetings with mentees, with email and phone follow up.

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