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Raye E. Ward InBug-60px-R

Raye’s career is rooted in the pioneering days of technology public relations. It spread through public policy (privacy), e-commerce, natural resources (water), public-private partnerships and education. A fifth-generation Texan, she cut her teeth working with Apple, IBM and Kaiser Electronics in Silicon Valley, jumped to Edelman Public Relations in New York City where IBM, a client, hired her during the company’s tectonic cultural shift. She led teams in media and analyst relations, earning a “virtual MBA” as the speechwriter to six senior vice presidents, including the head of strategy. She was recognized by numerous awards, including the prestigious IBM President’s Award for fostering collaboration across global communications organizations.

Returning to Austin, she helped a venture-funded startup don a white hat to navigate the privacy firestorm while developing a retail personalization offering. She helped the public-private partnership SEMATECH transition to a new mission when its state funding was cut. As the era of climate change dawned, she helped public water providers navigate epic droughts and exploding populations through public outreach and education.

Raye is an award-winning public speaker, is active in the World Affairs Council of Austin, Helping Hand Home for Children, Women Communicators of Austin and the League of Women Voters.

Best Mentee Fit:

Raye is available for short-term mentoring focused on brainstorming and goal setting. She has also been a mentee and understands that no one has all the answers but gathering different perspectives helps in building a path forward. Areas of Interest: Reinvention, becoming more resilient physically and mentally, cross-generation work situations. 



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